Commercial Management

Dorset Realty Group manages over 5 million square feet of commercial space throughout the Lower Mainland. Our dedicated Commercial Property Managers will not only maintain, but improve your space for the benefit of owners, tenants and customers.


  • On call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to ensure prompt emergency response
  • Utilize trusted trade's lists to obtain quotes on competitive services and take advantage of volume discounts
  • Identify and eliminate redundancies to maximize efficiency and return on investments
  • Conduct onsite inspections to evaluate property and suggest improvements
  • Identify cost effective projects to enhance and add value to your property
  • Reduce Operating Costs


  • Consult on goal-based financial planning
  • Collect, deposit and maintain full records of rent and deposit payments
  • Prepare, reconcile and approve monthly financial statements
  • Direct the budgetary process with Owner approval
  • Facilitate maintenance & capital spending planning to maximize savings
  • Pay regular recurring expenses as well as authorized expenses and disbursements


  • Ensure development and enforcement of By-Laws and Regulations


  • Process Tax remittances including Non-Resident Taxes
  • Assist in Property Tax appeals
  • Obtain property insurance and liability protection
  • Work closely with Leasing Agents to ensure maximum occupancy with qualified tenants
  • Issue Arrears Letters to tenants with outstanding accounts