Our licensed Commercial department manages a diverse portfolio comprising of retail, office and industrial properties. We understand that Commercial Management is a complicated field of work with endless challenges and possibilities for any potential deal. This is why we adopt a proactive management style, making sure we handle each unique issue that arises as soon as possible. Due to our strong relationships with local vendors, we are able to enhance the value of your property but also protect the bottom line. We handle both Commercial Stratas and Commercial Rental properties.

Outside of Management, our services also include:


  • Financial Statements: Prepare, reconcile and approve monthly income statements

  • Maximize Savings: Facilitate maintenance and plan capital expenses

  • Rent: Collect, deposit and maintain rent records and deposit payments


  • Bylaws & Regulations: Work together in the development and ensure the enforcement of all laws


  • Maximum Occupancy: Work closely with Leasing agents and qualified tenants

  • Notices: Issue arrears letters & other notices to tenants with outstanding accounts