Pre-Authorized Debit (PAD) - for Strata only

Pre-authorized debits offer a convenient and automatic way to make payments. Once you understand the process and sign the form, you allow us permission to withdraw the appropriate funds from the account systematically when required.    

  Strata Section Fees 
(Please ensure your Strata is sectioned)

 PAD Agreement Addendum 
(For adding recurring operating fees such as parking and storage lockers on an existing Strata Fee PAD.)

 One-Time Strata Payment 
(For a one-time payment in addition to the recurring PAD payment)


Please check the current residential restrictions of your Strata Plan. Once your unit has been approved for rental, any residing tenant must sign this form before moving in.

A tenant is defined as anyone living in the unit other than the registered owner. This includes spouses, siblings, children, other family members and friends. 

Form Ordering 

(Requests for Form B, Form F, Strata Meeting Minutes, etc)

Dorset Realty Group uses the eStrataHub electronic document delivery service from Access Point Information Canada (APIC) for the ordering of strata documents. There are two methods to access eStrataHub, both will eventually lead to the same form order request, so the choice is with the customer. 

Using Access Point Information (APIC)

  1. Go to and 'Register' for an Account (top right-hand corner).
  2. Once you have a registered APIC account, click on the eStrataHub link on the APIC homepage.
  3. After you have signed in, you can proceed to place your form order.
  4. For more info on the APIC site, click here

Using BC OnLine (BCOL)

  1. Go to and click on 'Account Setup' (top right-hand corner). Then select 'Opening a New Account'.
  2. Once you have a registered BCOL account, log in and select eStrataHub from their menu.
  3. After selecting eStrataHub, you can proceed to place your form order.

Strata Log in


Please check if your Strata is registered for Rent Cafe. If your Strata Plan has set up this service, you will be able to access meeting minutes and other Strata reports through your owner portal, free of charge.