From a grassroots level, Dorset has been involved in student housing projects at University of British Columbia (UBC), Centre for Digitial Media (CDM) and various Lower Mainland institutions. Among other duties, we are responsible for property management, marketing, and the rent-up process. The firsthand experience managing educational accommodations means we understand what it takes to successfully satisfy all the relevant stakeholders.

Our comprehensive service includes:  


  • Maintenance: Improve and upkeep all of furnished housing, communal study areas, classrooms and fitness facilities

  • On-site staff: Supervise all employees and Resident Advisors to guarantee issues are efficiently dealt with

  • Resident Advisors: Advertise, hire and train all new RAs. We also handle their payroll services. 

  • Move-in/ Move-out: Coordinate the process to help ease the stress on the student’s part