Our approach to Strata management is built around communication, preventative maintenance, and cost-saving. Our highly experienced property managers understand the B.C. housing market and have worked in the Strata industry for decades. First and foremost, we ensure that Council members have access to information regarding the property. With a focus on property preservation, we manage depreciation reports and develop preventative maintenance plans. These measures reduce costs to the Strata and help keep our management fee as competitive as possible.

Our services include comprehensive support in the following areas:


  • Financial Statements: Prepare, reconcile and approve monthly income statements

  • Maximize Savings: Facilitate maintenance and plan capital expenses  


  • Strata Bylaws & Regulations: Help in the development and enforcement of all registered bylaws then send violation letters


  • Meetings: Prepare agendas, run council meetings, take and distribute minutes

  • Strata Materials & Forms: Process forms and document requests quickly

  • New Owners: Provide welcome packages with building information for a smooth transition during move-ins/outs

  • Notices: Issue arrears letters & other notices to owners with outstanding accounts